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Nov. 9th, 2009


November 7, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Update and discussion over last weeks tasks:

Catherine: is in touch with Boyd Petersen at UVU and has found several clubs that might be interested in advertising, suggesting panelists, and panels. She is going to find out how many copies she should make for fliers to distribute.

Brittany: continues to work and make progress on the art track. She is going to email Ryan Woodward and invite him.

Nick: Larry Correia has been invited and accepted.

Audrey: Dan Wells is coming. She is working on the recruiting text.

Whitney: is going to contact the Biology Department to co-sponsor.

Ross: Working on the call for films and is going to email Tracey Hickman. He is also going to talk to Dennis Packard in the Philosophy Department.

Sarah: working on the call for papers. She is going also going to talk to Michael Tunnel about being a guest. He's been on the Newberry selection committee.

Marnie: is working on getting Marty Brennis' plane ticket and talking to the travel office to make sure it gets done correctly. She is still trying to get in touch with James D'Arc in Special Collections. Leading Edge and YPublish are planning on giving presentations. She is going to send the program book advertising price list through the email list.

Gwynne: will be taking over the Finances. We have about $1700 left in our budget. She possibly needs to be added as a check signer for the LTUE account. There is also the possibly of her becoming the Guest Liaison, since we don't have one yet. She is still in charge of meeting minutes.

Dave: probably can get another $1000 in donations. He's also going to speak to Brandon Sanderson about the Character Name Auction. He also mentioned Garrett Mitchel, owner of Leatherwood Press, a Utah publishing house, as a possible guest.

Also discussed:
--Program book advertising: Marnie needs any ads by January 8th
--Banquet and Auction
--Preliminary Schedule must be done by mid-December
--How donations should work and how to donate
--Brainstorming on potential Wheel of Time panels

Nov. 4th, 2009


October 31, 2009 Meeting

I missed placed my notes, so I'm doing this all from memory. If I forget anything, please let me know!

The meeting was mostly an update of our progress and brainstorming of ideas.

Catherine: is working on the UVU front. She was able to get a contact for the fliers and finding out which clubs, teachers, and classes that might be interested in participating.

Charlie: is at World Fantasy and we probably won't get an update on panels and panelists until she gets back.

Marnie: getting tickets/hotel for Martie Brennis.

Brittany: is having a lot of success with getting together panelists and panels from the TMA department and for the art track.

Nick: is still going to talk to the physics and astronomy department about co-sponsoring. He is also going to talk to Dan Wells and Larry Correia about being special guests.

Audrey: write up recruiting text

Gwynne: write up meeting minutes, come up with panels and presentations for Lt. Col. (RET) Jeffrey Meeks: current ideas are "Making your military realistic in your Sci Fi/Fantasy" "Criminal Psychology" "Using and creating law accurately in your writing"

Special guests:
Dan Wells
Nathan Hale
Larry Correia
Lisa Mangum
Bookstore Lady (we still need a name for her)

Oct. 27th, 2009


October 24, 2009 Meeting

After going over last weeks' meeting, and discussing the potential tasks the following assignments were made:

-Call Marny and get an update on where Charlie is with the call for panelists and schedule. Also find out from Charlie what we can do to help facilitate this.
-Call Dave to get the information about the General Book Buyer for the BYU Bookstore and whether or not she's been invited.
-Follow up with the physics and astronomy departments
-Follow up with Ed Wood and Larry Correia

Brittany: Follow up with Ryan Ottley and the TMA department

Kathrine: Contact UVU and find out what kinds of clubs, classes, and flier regulations they might have and update the list. We need to be tapping into that resource.

Audrey: Write up recruiting text.

Gwynne: Write up meeting minutes and send copy to Eric Fielding

Oct. 24th, 2009


October 17, 2009 Meeting

Right now our focus should be on getting panelists, presentations, sponsors, and the schedule together.

-Martie Brennis: We need to have panels for him to speak on. Someone should talk to the TMA department and find out what they would like to know from him.
-Jim Christensen is not a No
-Brandon Sanderson and Wheel of Time: what kinds of panels/presentations should he make and who else can join him
-Following names came up as people to invite: Lisa Mangum, Scott Savage, Stacey Whitman

-General book buyer for BYU is retiring and Dave suggested that we get her to give a presentation about her role in the publishing industry.
-Talk to the SCI FI film teacher about doing a presentation
-Talk to Special Collections about corresponding their film series with the symposium

-Whitney is going to speak to the Biology Department
-We need to find out who to contact at UVU and try to get them involved and invite them to participate. If we put up flyers there, we should know their policy first.

-We want to have this put together by December, so getting panels, panelists, presentations, and presenters is our top priority right now.

Not a lot of assignments were made this week, so we're looking for volunteers, ideas, and plans of attack!

Oct. 16th, 2009


September 26, 2009 Meeting

Following assignments were made:

--Brittany to make a new recruiting flier, also working on a panelist email
--Marine to check with Charlie about the panelists and update the phone list
--Kyle to speak with the Education Department about possibly being a co-sponsor this year
--Ross to speak with the Theater/Media Arts Costuming department about a possible panel or lecture
--Whitney to put up calls for papers in the SWKT
--Gwen to start getting the meeting minutes up on livejournal

Also discussed:
--would we have ad space avaialbe in the programs
--is there a possibility of trading with other cons? Would Charlie know?
--as far as a production schedule goes, compared to previous years we are a bit behind

There was a meeting October 9th and the next meeting is October 17th.

Sorry about the delay in getting these up. Do we have meeting minutes for last week?
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